The Continuing Rise of the Lake District Mini Moon

windermere hotel for mini moons
For various reasons the word mini moon is cropping up and being mentioned more and more. Once thought to be a faddy saying that would come and go is now the buzz word for brides to be.
For some, a mini moon is an appropriate title for those who either don’t have the time for a full honeymoon or perhaps not the money to. A couple of days away is still marking to occasion. The growing trend now though is to have a mini moon straight after the wedding, not too far from home and then the full honeymoon taken a month or so later.

Jetting straight off on honeymoon after the wedding day is pretty full on. Not only is it something else to think about, the travelling to the airport, making sure bags are packed etc, but it doesn’t give the bride and groom chance to take everything in that has occurred over the past 24 hours. This is one of the most special of days to cherish and savour and goes by far too quickly as it is. The following day can then be a chance to gather thoughts and meet up with friends and relatives as so many travel from afar these days.

But it is a lovely thing to be able to spend some quality time together, the first as a partnership and this is where a mini moon is an excellent way in which to do so. If the word mini moon is baffling, it is basically a short break but mini moon sounds so much nicer!

The Applegarth Villa Hotel in Windermere has definitely noticed a rise in couples staying for a short break after their wedding. The chance to get away from it all, especially in a location as romantic as the Lake District, is a lovely way to start marriage. For a spot of luxury in extremely peaceful surroundings Applegarth Villa Hotel is the choice and has a no children policy. The seven brand new hot tub suites mean you don’t even need to leave your room.

There are so many places to choose from for a mini moon but the romanticism of the Lake District suits this occasion perfectly, it has been voted the most romantic destination in the UK after all.