Tanzania very much open for business despite new VAT tax

Earlier in July tourism businesses operating in Tanzania were hit with a unexpected tax from the country’s government, an 18 per cent VAT tax on tourism services. Of course every business and in fact every traveller pays tax and understands a country needs to raise revenue in this day and age but the shock came that the tax was implemented with a notice of just 7 days. The tax has been added to various elements of a holiday of course namely the safari sector, from national park entry to activities and accommodation.

Although not at all ideal for all concerned, things must go on and this is exactly what A Tent With A view are doing right now from their Dar es Salaam office and when back in the UK. Special offers are still available with some amazing offers and hopefully this will encourage safari travellers to still visit the stunningly beautiful Tanzania and not venture elsewhere. With the major spectacles of the Wildebeest migration, the largest elephant population, the location where the bush meets the beach and with Zanzibar just a 15 minute flight away, Tanzania provides everything for a holiday of lifetime.

tanzania safari experiences
Only in Tanzania, not to be missed

The amazing offers on selected tours must be booked before September 1st and taken any time before March 2017
There are four Coasts & Islands tours, “The Wilderness Beach”, “Islands of Elephants & Space”, “Where The Bush Meets The Beach” and the “Zanzibar beach break”. Also on offer the “Amazing annual solar eclipse tour 2016”. Save between an incredible $120 to $1000 (US) per person.

These offers are not to be missed and could possibly allow a once in a lifetime holiday to be a twice in a lifetime at an absolute minimum. View the special offers A Tent With A View Tanzania safari tours here, http://www.tentwithaview.com/special-offers